call (306) 955-6352 or pop in to order

available 12:00pm – 7:00pm daily

Chips & Dip $6

with malt mustard creme fraiche

Greens $7

with lemon herb vinaigrette

Hummus & Pita $8

with pickled vegetables
(add extra pita 3)

Chickpea & Carrot Fritters $11

3 gluten free fritters served with cucumber yogurt & pickled carrots

Quinoa Bowl $15

smoked carrots, goat feta, hummus, pickled beets, crispy chickpeas  
(add smoked trout 5 / add fried chicken 7)

Market Salad $13

greens, hemp seeds, pickled egg, fried chickpeas, buttermilk dressing
(add smoked trout 5 / add fried chicken 7)

Cheeseburger $16

smoked cheddar, house pickles, burger sauce & fries
(add bacon 2.5)

Fried Chicken Sandwich $16

swiss cheese, jalapeno mayo, pickles & fries
(add bacon 2.5)

Chicken Dinner $16

1 piece gluten free fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, jalapeño honey, candied jalapeños & a dinner roll

Herb Gnocchi $18

carrot puree, toasted hazelnuts, blue cheese, celery leaf salsa verde

Butter Poached Pike $18

garbanzo beans, cream, red pepper, sauerkraut, kale
(add pita 3)

Lamb Meatball Meal $20

lemon potatoes, charred zucchini, preserved eggplant, cucumber yogurt
(add pita 3)

Chocolate Mousse $10

Honey Posset Dessert $7

with fennel seed and sea salt

Sea Buckthorn Curd Dessert $7

with raspberry coulis