call (306) 955-6352 or pop in to order

available 12:00pm – 7:00pm daily

Smoked Carrots $15

with quinoa, goat feta, hummus, pickled beets  
(add smoked trout 5 / add fried chicken 8)

Market Salad $12

Greens, hemp seeds, pickled egg, fried chickpeas, buttermilk dressing
(add smoked trout 5 / add fried chicken 8)

Cheeseburger $15

Smoked cheddar, house pickles, burger sauce & fries
(add bacon 2.5)

Fried Chicken Sandwich $15

Swiss cheese, jalapeno mayo, pickles & fries
(add bacon 2.5)

Lamb Meatballs $17

With charred purple cabbage, gin mustard cream sauce, scallion mashed potatoes

Pork Schnitzel $16

With spaetzle, lingonberry mustard, greens